Taxi To Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Our Schiphol Taxi, a Competitive Taxi Service

You can order a neat Schipholtaxi for a competitive fixed rate by Taxi to Airport.Pro. You can choose between a taxi or minibus. Private and business customers can contact us for a Schipholtaxi with any additional services. In both cases, the taxi fares are way lower then when you get a taxi at the airport. You can be assured of a decent driver and also you don’t overpay. Save up to 50% on your Schipholtaxi!

Professional Schiphol Transportation

Taxi to Airport.Pro is like the domain name suggests, a professional taxi company that transports you to and from Schiphol for a sharp and flat rate . Pro domain will only be issued if there is a real business behind it with a connection to the chamber of commerce, a VAT number, and in this case with a real taxi license. Taxi to Airport have all the necessary paperwork and we will do our best to serve you with our Schiphol Taxi service. We ensure reliable, safe, discrete and service-oriented passenger.

  1. Professional taxi transport
  2. Good fixed price!
  3. Discreetly
  4. Safety
  5. Service oriented
  6. Competitive pricing
  7. One on one contact
  8. Specialized for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Our cars, Taxi or Taxibus, VIP on request

Centraliste SchipholtaxiIf you book a taxi on this website you will get a decent standard taxi. That may be an Opel, Hyunday, Kia etc. The taxis are all fairly recent and will carry you nicely from A to B. If you still want to hire an A-class vehicle like a Mercedes or simular for a Schipholtaxi, you can do to us on request. We give you a quote which is sharper in terms of pricing than you get if you just step in a random taxi at Schiphol Airport.


Taxi transport use by Taxi To Airport

  1. Standard Taxi
  2. Mercedes E-Class
  3. Mercedes S-Class
  4. Luxury Mercedes Viano to 8 people
  5. Other brands on demand

VIP transportation if you want the best

Although the standard transport Taxi to Airport is usually good enough, we can imagine that you want to have the best type of transport for your business partner. Often the taxi driver with his Schipholtaxi are the first who leave an impression with your customers after arrival at Schiphol. The VIP transport TAXI TO AIRPORT.PRO consists of a choice of the Mercedes E-Class or S-Class. The first choice is a lot of used car in the taxi industry representative and meets all the standards. The Mercedes S-Class is a Limousine of unprecedented luxury and space. Both cars are extremely suitable to be used for the VIP transport. You can think of important business guests who are arriving at the airport, executive transport, but also for a wedding this is a stylish choice . Of course you always can come to us with all your questions !

Related services, we gladly relieve you!

It can be very stressfull when you act on behalf of a business, when many foreign guests arriving at once at Schiphol. You have to deal with several flights arriving and want to have arranged an efficient as possible transport. Flexibility definitely plays a big role. There will always be some changes in practice with larger groups . Think of a connecting flight is missed or someone gets sick. By Taxi to Airport.Pro it’s not only booking a taxi with Schiphol Taxi. We can help you with setting up a schedule in which all guests are neatly divided into groups and received at the airport by a driver in a neat suit. We are flexible and can be set at the last minute to responce to your transportation needs. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Taxi To Airport.Pro Our Mobility Solutions

  1. Schipholtaxi transport
  2. Private taxi
  3. Business transfers
  4. Drivers Services
  5. Roadshows
  6. Tourist Tours
  7. Schiphol airport pick up service
  8. Other airport services on request
  9. Schipholtaxi transport, taxi to the airport.

We provide a hassle free airport transfers. Ordering a Schiphol transport at a competitive price, easy at home or through the smartphone. Make online a choice between a standard taxi or a minibus. The minibuses are available in two versions, six and eight-passenger version. Ideal transportation for a family or to provide a business delegation. For it to be as fully say, there is already a taxi to or from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from 30 euros all in. Our “all-in” prices include call-in redundancy file and VAT. There will be no surprises afterwards anymore. Of course, we assume that you are ready waiting at the agreed time, so the driver has no time loss.

Private taxi transfers

The private makes his tranfers to and from the airport during his holiday much use of Taxi to Airport. Because a taxi to the airport is often expensive with a local taxi company, people are increasingly searching online for an alternative. Taxi to Airport wants to be your alternative. Our motto is to carefree book a private Schipholtaxi at a competitive price.

Business transfers

Taxi To Airport.Pro is also ready for the business customer. In most cases, our standard cars are already good enough. We regularly transport staff to and from the airport which must be for a short stay abroad. Also important guests for companies belong to our customers. We know that it’s very important for companies that their guests are greeted in a proper way at Schiphol Airport. Often a class-A car, such as Mercedes or BMW, is used on request for important business relationships. Because we have built a large network beyond our own fleet in more than 25 years, we can provide you with various brands. Taxi to airport is a professional all round taxi company which can provide many transportation needs.

  1. On pricing possible
  2. Credit card acceptance
  3. Schiphol Airport pickup service
  4. Drivers in costume
  5. English speaking

Drivers Services

Beyond our Schiphol Airport Taxi cab, we can provide you with services in drivers. These include hiring a private driver for executive transport in company cars, but also for example if you are no longer allowed to drive after a meeting where alcohol is consumed. Our drivers are service oriented and make it complete in style for driving your own car.
Road shows, business or private

Road shows also belong to the possibilities. For business there is often interest in going through different companies, but also to show some of the Netherlands. Interested in a trip to Volendam, or the Zaanse Schans, we drive you professional to and from the destination. After you have sent us a request we will give you an offer with an all-in price.

Our Schiphol airport pickup service

At your request it’s possible to wait for your guest at Schiphol Airport after landing. We ensure that your guests are neatly captured by a representative English-speaking driver in costume. The driver can put a specify name or logo on the sign. After receiving the guests he will carry them neatly to the destination.

Other services

Do you have any other questions about our services, ask us because we would like to have a complete service!

Online ordering of a Taxi to airport Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

After you fill out the postal code on our page for ordering a Schipholtaxi and the number of people, you come out a survey of different vehicles with corresponding rates. Choose from the types of transport by clicking on the button with the chosen tariff. You can also see how much baggage you can take in the car, so if you have too much for our cars you can selected a minibus. After the selection button, you reach our form where you can fill in all the personal data, time and eventually the flight number. The pick up time from home is always the travel time to the airport plus two hours before European flights and three hours for international flights. Order also the trip from the airport to your destination in the Netherlands, we ask you to the arrival date and time, flight number and country of origin. It can happen that you will leave your country at the 25th and arrive at the 26th at Schiphol. So take a moment to spare, otherwise there may be no Schipholtaxi waiting for you. If you have any questions or are have any difficulty, call us!

You come from abroad at Schiphol, what now?

We keep an eye on the flight, so please give us the information carefully. About 15 minutes after landing, we will call you to discuss further. Provide always a full phone and take your order on a journey, you have our number immediately at hand. If you use the pick-up service, then the taxi driver will be waiting for you about 20 minutes after landing at the meeting point. These can be found by following the signs that you see immediately suspended as soon as you’re through the doors after customs. The meeting point is identified by a red and white cube, where drivers usually waiting with signs .

Why a taxi from Schiphol TaxiToAirport.Pro?

  1. Security reliable taxi company.
  2. Much cheaper than taxis at the airport itself!
  3. Choice of neat cars and minibuses.
  4. Private and commercial passenger transport.
  5. Easy to order in advance.
  6. Can be pre-paid.
  7. Cash or credit card.
  8. Companies can on pricing.
  9. Extra services, such as meeting point pick-up.
  10. We can help you, so make you wish known to us!

Conclusion TaxiToAirport.Pro

Compared to the cost of a taxi from Schiphol airport or the cost of a local taxi can save you a lot of money. Like comparing electronics , electricity or telephone subscriptions or white goods , ordering a Schipholtaxi at TaxiToAirport.Pro can save you a lot of money. Save today , calculate here Schipholtaxi !