The Cars at Taxi to Airport.Pro

Neat Standard Middle-Class Cars

 kia-sportage-als-schipholtaxiFor the rates you find on our website you get a neat Schiphol Taxi driver. With a neat Schipholtaxi we mean an regular middle-class standard car as a Kia Sportage, Hyundai, Opel, Ford ect. All these cars are young nice cars are often equipped with additional luxuries such as air conditioning and leather furnisching. They are actually just as good as the expensive brands like Mercedes. Nowdays the drivingcomfort and the interior are are also of a high quality, it’s more the name that make the difference. Of course we can also supply the higher luxery cars at a competitive price!

Middle class or A-Class as Schipholtaxi

Lancia Voyager als taxiUsually our standard Schiphol Taxis are good enough. Most people do want to be brought just from A to B for a reasonable price. In some cases there is still more luxury or service required. You can think of a wedding or on arrival at Schiphol for an important guest. For these occasions we can offer a Mercedes S-Class Limousine. Ofcourse for these executive cars we also have competitive rate!

Taxi Buses to 8 people

Mercedes Viano SchipholtaxiDo you need a lot of space for a family and all the suitcases, then our taxi buses are a good solution. Even for business trips, our minibuses are well usable. Leather upholstery, air conditioning and self-shuttered windows are possible. Think of the Mercedes V-Class. On request, a model can be used with chairs behind the other or facing each other. We have a standard choice on the website of the six or eight-passenger version. If you want something different for a business trip we also have a Lancia Voyager as a taxi.

A-Class, Mercedes, BMW, AUDI

Ofcourse as we already mentioned you can reserve an A-Class car by Taxi To Airport. This can be done on request by our contact form. We also offer these executive cars at sharp competitive rates, which are still a lot cheaper than the taxis at the airport itself.

Do you need a taxi for another ride?

Beside our airport transport we also drive another kind of taxi rides. On of the addresses should be around Amsterdam Schiphol because our vehicles are stationed nearby Amsterdam Schiphol. For example, if you need transport from Amsterdam to Rotterdam or vice versa, you can request a price for this ride with us.

Taxi To Airport advantages:

  1. Always a sharp rate
  2. Fixed rates 24/7 so no surprises afterwards!
  3. Neat cars
  4. Representative taxis and drivers
  5. Always reachable

Taxi To Airport, for all your taxi transport!